Our Media Partner Program

Our Media Partners work with us to recognize and elevate the best of their communities, and in doing so, position their brands to multiply good. By systematically telling good news stories in the context of a national brand, our Media Partners drive non-traditional revenue and enhance audience stickiness. In a world of limited human and capital resources, we make it easy to attract sponsors, deliver robust programming so you can tell remarkable stories about grassroots unsung heroes in your backyard.


Americans reached each year by our Media Partners


Jefferson Awards given out by our Media Partners

Easy, Proven & Nationally Recognized

Media outlets that partner with Multiplying Good increase revenue and develop a deeper engagement with their audiences, all while telling compelling stories. We deliver a turnkey kit for implementation and work closely to help you build and execute the program.

Positive Emotional Storytelling

As a Media Partner, you identify unsung heroes in your community and tell their stories across your platforms. Honoring them with a Jefferson Award lifts up the community and all those around you.

Commitment to Community

Honoring public service in your local community is a powerful way to engage your audiences. It demonstrates your commitment to uniting the community around good, while connecting you and them to a nationally-recognized brand and community of service.

Revenue Generation

We position you to exclusively represent the best of your community. Local businesses are eager to connect their brand with yours in support of positive stories of service - offering you a platform for non-traditional revenue opportunities.


  • How do I sign up?


    Reach out to us get started. After signing an MOU with Multiplying Good, we'll work with you to begin your program, recognizing unsung heroes with a Jefferson Award in your community.

  • How many stories should I create?


    On average, our Media Partners give out between 5 and 52 Jefferson Awards each year, depending on the cadence you choose and your resources with which to tell the stories.

  • Do you help fund storytelling?


    The Jefferson Awards offers something exciting, new and positive to sell to local sponsors. We will work with you to identify and secure new dollars to support the stories you tell.

  • How do I seek nominations?


    Make a call for nominations across your platforms to find the best grassroots unsung heroes to celebrate. This offers another connection point to actively engage your audiences in good.

  • How are winners selected?


    You build a local panel of judges who will determine the most compelling stories to tell. These panels include your sponsors, staff, past winners and influential community members.

  • How are winners announced?


    Depending on the number of awards you choose to give, you will produce stories on air, in print and online each week, bi-weekly or each month. Many Media Partners also host an annual "Salute to Service" bringing together all their winners in an underwritten in-person ceremony to celebrate together.

  • How do I nominate someone for a national award?

    An added unique benefit of the Jefferson Awards is our National Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C. each June. You’ll choose one unsung hero to attend this ceremony, and that individual will compete to receive one of five annual Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Awards for Outstanding Service Benefiting Local Communities.

  • How much does it cost to become a Media Partner?

    Media Partner dues depend on your DMA size, but range from $2,500 to $6,000 per year. These include the awards, support and the cost to send your chosen grassroots unsung hero to our National Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C.

  • What makes your program different than something I could do on my own?

    The Jefferson Awards platform encompasses over a hundred media outlets nationwide. It’s a nationally recognized brand that connects your brand to our history and prestige from day one. It connects your winners to a national network of community service. It is also turnkey, easy to implement and supported.

  • What support is available?

    The Multiplying Good program, events and communications team works with you year-round. Support is available in the areas of branding, selection of winners, finding non-traditional revenue and making the travel arrangements for your winner to come to the Jefferson Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C.

  • What is the cadence of the program?

    You make a call for nominations, gather nominations, select winners and give out Jefferson Awards year-round. By April 1st, we need to know which grassroots unsung hero will join us in Washington in June. If your local winner is going to receive a national Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award, you’ll be notified (embargoed) by mid-May.

Become a Media Partner

Our Media Partners are deeply rooted in their communities where they highlight extraordinary acts of service by local residents, and honor those individuals with Jefferson Awards. Partner with us to maximize your connection to the people who live in your hometown.